FIJIAN FRONTLINE FIGHTER | Former 2 RIFLES Titilia 'Tilly' Fisher

The Debrief

Sunday, 18 February 2024 - 52 minutes

Born on the 3rd largest island in Fiji, Tilly enjoyed a childhood living off the land with her family, before continuing her education on the main island. It was here when the British Army visited on a recruitment drive and Tilly realised a life of military service was her purpose. Completing basic training at Pirbright, Tilly joined the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) to gain her driving licenses before moving over to the Adjutant Generals Corps (AGC) where she was attached to The Royal Green Jackets (now 2 RIFLES). Tilly completed 4 operational tours, survived IED attacks, and witnessed several mass-casualty incidents in Afghanistan, where she was a section commander & med-trained.

Throughout her career, Tilly played both Rugby League & Rugby Union, and was eventually medically discharged due to a knee-injury. Leaving the Army before her time, and suffering with PTSD, Tilly found the Invictus Games the perfect opportunity to recover from her experiences on tour. She went on to win a gold medal in the 2023 games.
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