PASHA MUNRO SBS | Former SBS Pasha Munro

The Debrief

Friday, 12 April 2024 - 50 minutes

A turbulent & abusive childhood led Pasha to find his own tribe in the form of the Sea Cadets. This passion for brotherhood & activity led him to try to join the Navy aged 16, but he faced a knock-back and instead joined the Royal Marines. Completing several uneventful tours of Northern Ireland, Pasha decided to attempt the arduous Selection Course in January 1997, the same course as Big Phil. Pasha failed his first attempt on test week, and rejoined the summer course, where he was also unsuccessful. A tough period followed, with Pasha finding trouble more frequently, and ending up in Detention Quarters and then Colchester prison. After getting himself back on the straight and narrow, Pasha went on to complete the Mountain Leaders (ML) course, widely regarded as one of the toughest courses the military offers, and soon began to rise up the ranks.

He eventually decided to have an unheard of third attempt at selection, and this time he was successful joining the ranks of the Special Boat Service (SBS). Multiple deployments to Afghanistan, and several secretive missions later, Pasha completed his 22 years, plus another 5 before leaving the military and pursuing civilian roles. Pasha is now a motivational speaker, a school governor, and a career advisor for school children, alongside his private security company Black Box Global, that provides security services to high net worth individuals and celebrities.

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