SURVIVING TALIBAN AMBUSH | Former Grenadier Guardsman Alex Harrison

The Debrief

Friday, 19 April 2024 - 1 hour 23 minutes

Born in Lincolnshire & spending his younger years finding trouble, Alex knew the Army was the way out of his hometown and bad habits. Knuckling down and joining his local Army Cadet Force, Alex went to the Army Careers Centre aged just 15 and a half. Joining the Grenadier Guards and completing the additional ceremonial taskings, Alex joined his battalion and began pre-deployment training for Iraq in 2006. His subsequent deployment to Afghanistan, attached to the Royal Anglians, is where Alex was injured in a Taliban ambush. Resulting in a .762 round through his temple, a grenade blast and a close call with another round, Alex managed to draw a map in the dirt for his unit to gain the advantage and eliminate the enemy fighters. Alex received a mention in Dispatches for his efforts, and made it back to the UK where he was rehabilitated, later losing his eye due to the damage sustained in the ambush. Alex is now a popular TikToker, is a host of The Bottom Third Podcast and is active in the veteran community.
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