• Afternoons With Jason King

    Ex-BFBS Jason helps you power through the last stint of the 9-5, bringing you up to date Military/1st Responder news & stories.

  • Feeling The Force with Danny Rampling

    Former 10-Para Danny was a pioneer & integral part of dance culture, performing shows worldwide since 1987, and now steps up to the decks every week for our headline slot.

  • Friday Nights with G Geddes

    25 years in the British Army and 5 years as a CPO carrying a set of 1210's in his bergen, G has performed at some of the world's best clubs, including a residency at The Cross.

  • G Introduces

    Guest mixes from around the world, showcasing up-and-coming producers and world leading experts of the turntables. Visit our social channels to show your support!

  • Lunchtimes With Wes Thompson

    Wes brings you a high-energy lunchtime show with plenty of forces news, updates and tall tales of his past adventures from his time overseas with his former station BFBS.

  • Mornings With James Martin

    A career radio professional with impressive music knowledge, James keeps you updated on all you need to know during his 2hr morning show.

  • Night Shift

    The same great music, without our signature presenters. Keep the good vibes going all night long with our night-shift programming, featuring hourly news updates and music from our whole library.

  • Dance Chart with SoDuncan

    Bringing together the best in global dance music, Tune in for SoDuncan's expertly curated selection of the newest releases, classic anthems & future legendary tracks.

  • The Stand-To Breakfast Show With Big Phil Campion

    Tune in for 4 hours of Big Laughs, Big Stories, and Big Phil Campion. He'll keep you entertained, up to date and in the loop with the best Serving & Veteran Friendly radio!

  • Weekend Warm-Up with Mikey-B

    Dive into 2 hours of the finest cocktail & tropical house beats curated by Mikey-B, getting you ready for the weekend, and the headline slot of Danny Rampling's 'Feeling The Force' show.

  • Weekends

    When our weekday team have a break, our unique sound continues with ForceRadio Weekends. Featuring hourly news updates, a great selection of music, and warming up for Mikey-B, Danny Rampling & Sophie D, don't miss the ForceRadio Weekend Shows.

  • Drivetime With The Sgt Fruitcake | Sponsored By Motorfinity

    Get home safely with The Sgt Fruitcake's Drivetime show weekdays from 1600hrs, 3 hours of veteran friendly radio, belt-fed bangers and the best throwbacks. Proudly sponsored by Motorfinity.

  • Delta Bravo

    Our in-house music curator, DB brings the freshest tracks from across the house & dance genres. With multiple shows across the week, you're never far from new music with Delta Bravo

  • Storm

    Stag On with Storm, back to back anthems, wherever you are. Holding down multiple weekly shows, you can count on Storm to deliver the musical goods..

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